Sleepless Seattle

Episode 3: Terminal Stations

February 23

The rising sun greets Drake’s heavy eyes as he receives the preliminary results from the coroner. To the backdrop of music from a speaker on a corner table, Dr. Fitch Hultz informs him that the body, belonging to one Jesse Norway, had ligature marks on her limbs as well as evidence of sexual assault based on samples of semen in both the vaginal and anal wall. Time of death was difficult to determine from the below freezing temperatures, with an estimated range of six to twelve hours from being brought in. An autopsy is needed for a more precise evaluation, and without any known next of kin, it falls to Drake to secure the necessary paperwork. Climbing the steps of Seattle PD, his phone rings to a welcome, if worrisome call.

Further north, in the local FBI branch, Jack and Malcolm are called for different reasons but sent out on the same goal. Jack is given a terse reprimand by Branch Director David Steers while Malcolm is reminded of his duties as Jack’s handler. Nevertheless, experience told him that the cases in Seattle and Renton are linked and the pair are instructed to informally pursue an independent investigation, without attracting the attention of local authorities again. The pair leave the branch together, but start separate investigations.

Sheriff Aaron has his day ahead of him after receiving the coroner’s report on the body of Michael Klostermann, hearing about a similar case in Seattle, he calls the number of one Detective Drake who left his contact details the day before. Swapping information, it becomes clear that the two cases are too similar to be a coincidence. Before he could pry deeper into their connections, a request for an interview comes down the line from Action Five News

A conversation echoes down the hall in evidence at Seattle PD as James stews behind the counter, iron bars staring right back at him while he kills time in the middle of his shift. As if answering his prayers, Major Washington Gates arrives to relieve him of his posting. It seems that more men in uniform are needed out in the streets and he is told to go on patrol when he is ready. Jumping at the chance to return to his beat, he immediately leaves for the motor pool, but a thought enters his mind to visit his father for some well-needed advice. The chance passing with a federal vehicle in Skykomish marks out the only thing interesting in his father’s town before he meets him in the singular bar in the area, The Tap. While he couldn’t give him practical advice on the goings on in Seattle, he tells James that he chose to wear the uniform for a reason, and maybe now’s the time to show it.

At noon, Drake makes for the streets to find more information on Jesse, who was known as a dealer in Seattle. Soon enough, he finds her dealer, Devlin. It seems that she last seen on the train to Seattle from Renton for a restock on merchandise. Noting the travel times and timeline on the body, that would have put her on the 11:20 train. Putting another bullet on the timeline gives him more to work with, but the lack of evidence or materials leaves Drake little chance of settling the case, much less to the public’s satisfaction if the news reports are to be believed. Thinking back on the notes he shared with Aaron, he remembers that he left out the fact of his old case, which could be related despite the time that has passed. Retreading the details, he notes that the body from the previous case was found close to King Street Station, also within walking distance to where the current body was found. The one detail different was that in the previous case, there were traces of concrete found on the scene. With no construction projects ongoing in the area, it was a detail that sticks out in his mind.


Despite his reservations, Aaron finds himself sitting in the Planet Java Diner for an interview over lunch with Pia Gutierrez regarding his office’s case. His canned responses only gets him so far before she asks her real questions. While there were relations between the Seattle and Renton cases, and there have been cooperation with the Seattle police department, they cannot yet say anything about the possibility of a serial killer. She presses further with rumours that a Federal Agent has been in his office, which he does confirm, but the FBI has stated the are currently not involved with either investigation. With the official questions over, shes candidly off-the-record about the current state of the investigation. While he admits that it is a serial killing in all but name, he would rather keep it from the media to prevent undue unrest, as well as to avoid further federal notice. With the final tidbit about a CCTV capture of a potential suspect, Pia leaves the sheriff to finish his coffee, which he’s going to need before the day is done.

Following his own hunch, Malcolm decides to thoroughly inspect the Amtrak train stations from Seattle to Eugene, Oregon, hoping to gain insight on the killer’s movement and actions. The task takes him the better part of two days, but on the return trip in Tacoma, he chances upon a flyer for a missing child, but pockets it for the moment to focus on his investigations. All around he platform, pairs of children and parents board and alight from the trains, making it very unlikely that the suspect would make himself known here. But with his movements always around the vicinity of stations, that already informs him that the suspect has access to the relatively costly trains, financially or otherwise. With one piece of the puzzle, he is taken to task to place it on the board.


Cokesakto Veloranz

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