Michael Klostermann (Victim 1)

1st murder victim found


Pertinent details

Age: Pre-adolescent, likely 10-12 years
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
First Officer at Scene: Deputy Eric Dolan (King County Sheriff’s Office)


Crime scene details:

Michael Klostermann was found in Renton at Interurban Trail, parallel to West Valley Highway and Green River. Deputy Eric Dolan found victim while on patrol and returning to Sheriff’s Office, Seattle for shift change. Victim found hidden in nearby brush, haphazardly hidden. Deputy Dolan immediately called for backup and crime scene processing. Coroner concludes CoD (Cause of Death) is death by asphyxiation due to unknown external object. Victim found with ligature marks in neck, suggesting likely murder implement. Similar marks found on both wrists and both ankles. Evidence of tearing and semen on anal wall. Penetration and ejaculation likely occurred post-mortem.

Parents of victim (father, Nicholas Klostermann; mother, Triana Klostermann) issued statement reporting that victim was missing since night of February 19. All three were traveling from Renton to Seattle via AMTRAK line after visit to Dianne Klostermann (victim’s grandmother), but Nicholas and Triana had inadvertently left victim on platform at around 2232 on the day of, not realizing until the train had begun to move. Turning around at King Street Station, the couple found no trace of their son upon arrival at Longacres Way station at 2310, and further search did not yield anything. Concluding that the victim may have returned to his grandmother’s house, couple returned home, not calling grandmother due largely to desire not to inconvenience.
h3. Timeline

February 20, 2016 0632 – Deputy Eric Dolan reports body found
0647 – Crime scene processing arrives on scene
0735 – Sheriff Aaron Morales arrives on scene
0748 – Crime scene processing declares SP (Scene Processed)
0814 – King County Child Welfare Service (CWS) notified
0827 – Missing Persons list search begun
0943 – Possible match found: Michael Klostermann
1225 – Sheriff informs Klostermann family of victim possibly belonging to family

Michael Klostermann (Victim 1)

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