Sleepless Seattle

Episode 1: Game Trail

February 20

King County sheriff Aaron Morales arrives early in the morning to respond to a gruesome murder of a child at the Interurban Trail in the city of Renton. While the coroner’s office attempts to determine an identity, preliminary findings read positive for semen in the male child’s anal wall, as well as distinct small, fine marks on the victims wrists, ankles, and neck, that point to some kind of small wire that may have been used to asphyxiate the victim, though it is too early to tell.

Later that day, FBI agents Jack Estrada and Eliza Cohen meet with local FBI contact and information manager Malcolm Davis, who barely gets them up to speed on the local color. Davis himself is in contact with a deputy providing information to the FBI regarding the active case.

February 21

Officer James O’Collaghun is wasting away at evidence lockup an hour past midnight, serving his time for a recent controversial screwup that necessitated putting him out of active circulation. That doesn’t stop his duty sergeant from recruiting him to make a coffee run. He meets up with sheriff Morales, his friend and important figure in his life.

Returning from the coffee run back to the station, they pass by Occidental Square park, where they come upon another unfortunate scene: another child’s dead body, half buried in the sleet. They immediately call it in.

Elsewhere, in Seattle PD’s CID, homicide detective Drake Williams is next on rotation for his squad the next time a call comes in. While it initially begins as a lazy night, his luck quickly changes: a call comes in. When he picks up, he is informed about a body found nearby in Occidental Square.


How many beats did everyone get last session?

Episode 1: Game Trail

Well, with the nature of Beats being more Character-specific, it’s not that easy to say.

However, since everyone did manage to get at least one Beat per character (some like Nate got two!) and there is the automatic one Beat per session end (note this part everyone!), It would be reasonable to assume you could conceivably get two Beats (1 average Beat + 1 for Session end), but that is up to the Storyteller to decide.

Episode 1: Game Trail
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